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About April

Digital Communications Pioneer, PR & Social Media Passionista, Student of Life, Football Fan & Coffee Connoisseur April Lynne Scott works in the real world as a social media, online marketing and digital public relations executive. April is an accomplished professional with 20 years’ experience, almost a decade of which was spent integrating new media, online marketing & PR, and social & digital media with traditional methods to increase media exposure and support strategic initiatives. Her traditional marketing and public relations experience leads her passion for social and digital media and understanding of the challenges marketers and publicists face.  She believes the future of marketing and public relations is dependent on digital communications and social media and strives to teach businesses and individuals strategies for integrating and implementing.

April also has more than a decade of audio and media production (film) and was a pioneer in new media technologies such as enhanced CDs, CD plus and CD extra.  She  is devoted to the production of quality media for use on social media channels to enhance marketing and PR campaigns.

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April muses about the future of marketing and PR in the digital landscape on this blog.  For musings on life, love, food and other fun things visit her blog on Tumblr

If your looking for something a little less business and a little more authentic visit The Art of Failure

If you want it all follow her on Twitter

She can also be found on Google+ YouTube LinkedIn and


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