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For me, the Super Bowl was a great experience. My team won, I had the most amazing spicy guacamole to munch on during the game, and I had a great time with friends in person and online.

Mark Herzlich Super Bowl April Lynne Scott

Disappointed, though? Yes. Not with the game, but with the advertisers and their so-called “social media integration” I had high hopes for brands this year… high hopes for this being the catalyst to transform television into the social TV of the future. What a big let down.

Advertisers spend multiple millions of dollars per spot for the chance to put their brand in front of a very captive audience. The audience always shows up – eagerly rushing to their televisions… and twitter… at kickoff to see the game and participate in #brandbowl. But this year, the Advertisers didn’t show up.

Coca-Cola promised a full interactive experience featuring its famous polar bears: Their sites were down – oops!

Acura was successful in spiking interest in their new NSX [very sexy car] but their website wasn’t ready for the traffic.

Toyota is under fire for their twitter campaign that sent unsolicited @ replies to users tweeting with hashtags related to the big game.

At first glance, Doritos seems to again be a winner. Their ads gained ground in the hearts of #brandbowl aficionados and lived up to expectations. They also had success with the online and social components of their ads.

And, it turns out that pre-releasing commercials didn’t take away anticipation, but brought more viewers and users through social media.

Of course it’s still too early to tell if Super Bowl advertising will impact sales and offer a justifiable ROI. Time will tell.

According to stats from ExactTarget the most popular tweet was from Mark Herzlich, a Giant’s player who has battled with and come back from cancer, who tweeted:

2 yrs ago I was told I’d never walk again, just walked off plane to #indy to play in #superbowl #takethatcancer

Proving that the surest way to consumers hearts (well, human hearts) is the emotional connection. Maybe next year advertisers will either step out of their corporate boxes and be truly innovative, creative or even just plain goofy… or embrace their story and find a connection to their customers that will ring throughout the social galaxy.


Comments on: "Giants #WIN, Advertisements #FAIL" (3)

  1. I’ll agree & disagree with you. I thought there were some cool funny spots but I had no idea that sites were down as I was just too enthralled by the game. Plus, it was an awesome game!

    I will say that this interesting because it was so hyped up about the Social Media connection and I think I only saw one QR code on the screen. (might of been GoDaddy?) I only saw one Text to Win which was NFL, of which I did enter and register. I do agree that they’ve could’ve done more with it. The fact that sites were down says a lot.

    Go Giants…You can’t spell Elite without…ELI!

    • Yes, funny spots. There were a few – but I guess I was expecting too much. I am with you on being disappointed in the social media connection. Television has a HUGE opportunity here to really integrate and ensure their future in the digital world. Maybe they’re just still not ready. I suppose intention counts for something 🙂

      And yes – Eli is a hometown (New Orleans) boy and I never doubted him. Go Giants!

      • I’d also say that, the day before I write a Blog post about the whole Social Media & Mobile integration thing, you know proving my “Thesis” about how Mobile & Social go together like 2 birds of a feather, and ya they blow it! I was expecting to see things like Tweet this #Hashtag if you want to be entered into the contest etc. Share your fav Chip Dip on Facebook to be entered, or join the conversation. Or how bout take a video of your best TD Dance & share on our Facebook page to win!

        Ok, I’ll stop because I know you get it, but damn were we let down by them or what? Maybe most Advertisers were rooting for the Pats!
        (oh snap! no he didn’t!)

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